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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stock trading , currency trading (forex trading), and trading educations June 17, 2008

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Stock trading, currency trading (forex trading) June 17, 2008 :

I am posting via my phone while dring from airport back to office (I had to drop family to the airport). I check the market deadlines, and currencies, and I want to say this, but as soon as I arrive in 20 to 30 minutes from now, I will post my life trades

1. If the market gaps up at open, be ready to short it.

2. For those of you who followed my calls on Currencies last evening, you have made good money. We sold at the absolute top for both EUR/USD and EUR/JPY.

happy trading (I got to go, traffic is moving again).

Watch for live traders coming as soon as I am back

I am just back at 10:18AM.

1. I looked at my currency trading account. An order went in on short side at 8:28AM and at 167.78. It is profitable so far. I plan to play it on the short side (for beginners this means sell EUR/JPY and cover it later for a profit).

2. Stock trading: I am heading to look at the market now. Update is coming.
10:23AM: As I wrote earlier my prediction is correct. I trade NDX ( Nasdaq 100 ). It did exactly as predicted. Gapped up, started at 1990, and then fell. Short the rallies.

Watch for the low of the previous day ( which is 1954 area). If it breaks it, then the market will be controlled by the sellers.


Profits so far:

1. 11 NDX points
2. EUR/JPY: 30 pips for my position. And + 15 PIPS for those of you who entered when I came back and posted around 10 minutes ago. First strong sellers are now in area of 167.73.

10:35AM: Area of EUR/JPY sellers is now reached. I would start scaling in. (If you do not understand the language I used such as "short", "scale in", etc read PS2 below).


Watch the chart of EUR/JPY. It spiked and will likely move down. Reason of spike, the fat money, market makers, etc, running the stops of the dump money, and also to make a headfake for weak money to either get in on losing side or execute stop losses on short positions. Do not allow them to play the game on you. Scale in pyramid formation, and stick it to them rather than the other way around.

My job is to get you on the side of the smart money. I have no heart for those who run stops and fleece the masses, and average Joes out there who work hard and then see their money goes to the pocket of fat money.


Here is a chart of all of you (Dear Readers) come from as of 10:55AM. You are 100 reading as of the time of taking this picture of traffic. May god bless you.

Smart people are from all over the world. So I say to all of you:

1. From Europe: have a great afternoon amd I love european architecture.
2. From Asia: the sleeping tiggers and where future fortunes will be made.
3. From South America: life is good when one visit you.
4. From Arabia: Desert tourism is indeed an exceptional experience. I love lively arabian sooks and people.
5. From Hawaii: the blue waters, fresh air, a paradise on Earth
6. From Arrical: please come to my blog. You deserve to also be wealthy. Just follow success. No need to re-invest the path to success. But I live African music. It cures the souls.

So to all of you: Hola, Hello, , Salam, Shaloom, Bonjour, Hi, Niahow (If you email me say hello in your own language if it is not english).

11:08AM: The strong sellers are now in area of 2005. If it gets there, I am ready to sell to them all they want! My orders are ready to shoot at any bull if price gets there, and immediately after weakness is confirmed. Stay tuned.

11:15AM: I decided to start joining the battle against the bulls with the intention of selling more in area of 2005 if it gets there. But 1993 might be the top.
I entered at NDX 1993 on short side as a first step in my scaling in on my intended short position size. Let the battle begin.

11:29AM: Here is how the EUR/JPY trading is going. Did you see that sellers were hiding in area of 167.73. I told you so before the fact!

11:49: For those of you who did not take their profits from last evening shorting of EUR/USD, I would take my position out. Current sellers are in area of 1.5550. I will study it later to determine if and when I would play it on the short side. As for the long, as I am now going out for a walk in the park and to take lunch, I will not consider it. As for NDX, it has made now more than 10 NDX points. Life is good, and it is always a great day to trade.

11:58AM: Just in case you decide the short EUR/JPY. Strong sellers are now at 167.82. In case you conclude that I told earlier that they were at 167.73, and this does not make sense to you, then you need to understand that smart sellers do not hide in one place. They are always moving (like warriors in a army. They move in the battle field. A fixed army is already dead. So keep that in mind. Sellers and buyers (the smart ones) keep moving. Your job and mine is to determine where smart money is hiding and go join them because we know they will win the next battle).

Happy Trading, (And always raise the bar. Mine: I want to be the best financial trader that history has even known. Put an aim in the most powerful computer on the planet: your brain. Results should follow even if it may take a bit of time to get the results)

Do not be shy to email me. I am a nice individual just like you. I will share with you (as time goes) information I believe will help you make money, which you deserve. email address is . Empty emails are fine.

PS2: If you have any doubts about the terms I use, I will send you a write up on definitions, etc. Do not be intimidated if you do not know these terms. They will become second nature to you after reading the report, and using them.

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Happy trading,


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