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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008 (PM), Stock market, Stock trading, NDX trading, NQ trading, Nasdaq-100 trading

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Price is behaving exactly as forcast in the morning post (and early afternoon post).

3:00PM: NDX at 1860. We are in today's top area as predicted earlier today.

3:09:ish PM with NDX at 1863.5 I started going short.

Execution report came in. See attached.

I want to add that since NDX broke yesterday's high, the market is now in the hands of bulls (buyers). Therefore if I decide to go short, I do it with half normal position size.

If tomorrow we have a gap up. then I might add to the position on assumption that the gap will close. If there is no gap it means the price headed south, which means current position up.

3:30PM: NDX is back up to the area of the high. It is expected. I called it the second horn of a bull. (Bulls come with at least two horns). The one hit is I believe the first horn of the bull and it showed at at 3:09ish. Let us see whether the second horn has any strength at all.

PS: Imagine a bull starring at you, and he finished charging. You will see that he has two horns one to your left, the second to your right. If the second horn (which is to your right is not higher than the first horn), then it is likely that the bull finished charging. Then you cut his second horn. He will then become without horns (a cash cow).

3:53PM: with NDX at 1869 I finished scaling in. If tomorrow we have a gap up to area of 1875 and above and fails, I will complete a full size short position on NDX.

Now (3:55PM) Stock market trading is done this blog for today. Have a good day and be fresh for tomorrow. Thursday are typically down days in a bear market, and usually the market adjusts on Wednesday for a down move on Thursday. We will see what it will do tomorrow.

I might trade the currencies for rest of day (if there is movement) or during asian session.


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