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Friday, July 4, 2008

NDX Trading QQQQ Trading Nq Trading June 2008 ( stock market, stock trading, a summary)

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I thought to summarize the calls made by this blog which nailed the daily tops and bottoms in NDX trading (Nasda-100 trading, QQQQ trading )for June 2008 (july 2008) (and for the stock market as a whole because indices move in packs (they max at the same time and bottom at the same time)).

For those not familiar with chart reading, each bar represent a day of trading. The top of the bar is the high price, and the borrow of the day is the low price of the day. The dash to the left and to the right of each bear represent the open and the close price of that day.

You will see two types (red and green) of arrows on the chart. Each arrow represents a signal to go short or long at the area of the top or bottom of that bar. The red arrows is a go short signal made at the top of the bar, and the green arrow is a go long signal at the bottom of the bar.

These calls have been made live on this blog, and you can visit the blog previous posts and archive to -re-read those calls.

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Now that we have hindsight, the attached chart shows calls for NDX trading over the last 4 weeks made by this blog.


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