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Monday, July 7, 2008

Strock market, stock trading: July 07 Nailing of tops and bottoms, NDX trading, NQ trading, QQQQ trading, Dow trading, SP 500 trading

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Dear stocks blog readers, stock traders, investors, stock market players, forex traders, and all traders:

As you will read every page of this stocks blog site you would reach an amazing conclusion that has the potential to make its readers rich. As covered in the posts of this blog (read btoh recent post list and archives) a central point of this trading blog is to run an experiment on whether it is humanely possible to nail consistently tops and bottoms of the stock market price at the level of 1-minute. You will also find the probability of one doing this based on luck only is extremely small (((0.5)^(389)).

As it will be evidenced later in this post, the streak of successfully nailing daily tops and bottoms continues. I would request that you Make do the following:

1. Considering enrolling to the blog (where and how to do it is at the bottom of this post).
2. Inform your friends.
3. Inform forum members, as well as bloggers and blog readers. Also please put this blog in social bookmarking places such as digg, stumbleupon, etc. We appreciate that you spread the news. It keeps the editors energized to continue posting and focusing on nailing tops and bottoms of the stock market and other financial markets.

(Remarks: 1. Read this post completely. A major top is in the making in a financial instrument. You do not want to miss it if you care to make money.

2. To the readers who sent me emails, than you for your input and I am sorry that I did get back to you yet as I am swamped with work and did not managed yet to send you the emails. I am posting here so that you do not miss anything. But I understand that you want to be alerted via emails, and I am working on that aspect as well)

The following update has been added after the initial post.

UPDATE: After posting the post below, I went covered eur/usd, went long, then took profit, and then went short. The whole trade: around than 40 pips ( teens on the way up, and around 30 on the way down).

The streak of top and bottom nailing by this blog continues uninterrupted. After the nailing of the tops and bottoms of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Friday was a holidays), today it was the turn of Monday's stock price action to be nailed.

As you will read (if you did not read it yet) the predictions and real-time market calls of today's morning and afternoon, documented in in the previous two posts, you will conclude that this blog have nailed today's top and bottom of the stock market in general and NDX (QQQQ ETF, NQ futures, Nasdaq-100 trading) in particular.

Some highlights:

1. The NDX top area of NDX was nailed at 1847.
2. The bottom area of NDX was also nailed in area of 1800 (Although i did not enter all my position in this. That is a reason why I scale in to avoid missing an entry. There are other reasons of course for scaling).

I am a bit unhappy about mysefl as I exited way too early in the morning.

If someone had followed the prediction of this blog (therefore removing my emotions out of it), he/she would have banked around 90 NDX points (45 NDX points on the way down, and 45 points on the way up).

That is close to 5% return in one day on a major market index without leverage. Do you folks understand what that means? I hope you do realize the significance of it.

Forex trading:

In addition I have also sold short EUR/USD whithin few pips from the top of today's price of EUR/USD.

Therefore I am glad that this blog nailed three daily price extremes (2 tops and 1 bottom).

I also want to alert the readers to the formation (almost complete) of a major top on EUR/JPY. I am keeping an eye on it. It would potentially be a huge down move.

This blog is then announcing that 170.ish is currently an upper bound of the top price of EUR/JPY. We are at best just 170 pips away from the top. 170 pips is just 1% of EUR/JPY.


I urge you to send me an email to add your name on the list of a by invitation only blog, and also in my list of people to who I am writing to share "secrets".

My contact information is below. Just send an email (with or without a subject and/or body), but I would of course read and appreciate any comments and questions you have or simply an introduction about yourself in the area of trading and/or related topics.

Best regards and happy trading,

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Happy trading,


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