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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Trading Strategy with Guaranteed No Loss, for Unusual Times

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A friend of mine have been insisting that I consider offering the readers of this blog, a strategy that I shared with her. Suppose that you think that a stock will go up substantially (such as for instance the stock of Merrill which has accepted being bought by Bank of America at $29 a share, which is more than $10 higher than this past Friday's close). Supposed you wanted to play this last Friday, and YET YOU DID NOT WANT TO LOSE A CENT (transaction costs are not included), in case the stock does not go up, and with the upside left unlimited.

Is there a way to do this? The answer is yes. In addition one wants to have the ability to exit one's trade anytime one wishes, and YET DO NOT WANT TO LOSE A CENT if one is to exit earlier than one anticipated (even if the stock goes down). The answer again is yes.

I have been assuming that people know about this strategy. But to my surprise, after asking numerous other people, no one gave me the answer to this question.

Therefore I am considering writing it up. It is a simple method. Most likely you may hit your forehead after reading about it.

The questions in my mind are:

1. Would there be people interested to know about this trading strategy? (by the way you do not need any prediction work, or anything at all). You just need to place this two simple trades (you can place them as one trade), and that is it.

2. If we offer it, how much should we ask for it in return?

3. I thought to maybe run an experiment. We might offer it for a 100 people for a reasonable price (may be less than $20), with the condition that they tell us what they think is a fair price among a list of prices we would submit to them if we were to offer the method to others. We would also ask for an evaluation (whatever you think will be published).

If you happen to be interested in this method (whether among the 100 first offer or for a later offering stage), send us a note at the email address below letting us know of your interest. You can also ask whether the method involves something you think you know about.

We would also share with you brokers where transactions costs for this method are low. (not in excess of $2).

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Happy trading,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a scam!

October 26, 2008 at 2:43 PM  

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