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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

QQQQ NDX stock market price prediction and trading (Feb 24, 2009)

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QQQQ NDX stock market price prediction and trading (Feb 24, 2009). This is a second post for today. After yesterday's winning trade that has added to the 125 NDX points we made from the move of Feb 06 to yesterday, we now getting back in on short side:

1:57PM: with NDXt at 1159, we are scaling in on short side of stock market.

2:25PM: with NDX at 1167, we are starting the entry of a second quarter of intended size.

2:58PM: with NDX at 1175 we have entered a third quarter of intended size.

It should fall after the close or sometime tomorrow, at which time we will bank some profits.

Profit Taking (november 25, 2009)

9:52AM: NDX at 1159, we taking off the whole position with profits of of (16+8+0)=24 NDX points. We opened the above position at close, and we bank profits in the morning. It is the equivalent of "make money while you sleep", because our profits were made thanks to the night time.

10:47AM: with NDX at 1143, we are scaling in with one quarter of HALF normal size. Direction LONG side of stock market.

Profit Taking (another 10 NDX points in the bag):

11:14AM: with NDX at 1153, we are taking the profits. 10 NDX points.

1:53PM: NDX is at 1166. We getting ready to start the scaling in the selling. There are sellers at around NDX 1172.

1:56PM: first bullet shot at the bulls by selling to them QQQQ calls. We shot the first of the bulls in his horn.

Profit Taking:

We took profit on above when NDX visited 1156.

3:27PM: with NDXt at 1181.ish. Scaling on short side again. We are scaling in one quarter.

3:37PM: with NDXt at 1184. Scaling in second quarter.

Profit Taking:

3:44PM: with NDX at 1174 we took profit on one quarter. Another 10 NDX points in the bag.

3:59PM: NDX is at 1160. We closed everything.

It was a good day, full of fakes. The market is extremely smart.

Special Note (Understandable as per note sent):
Thursday March 12, 2009 (This is too late for you): 75.98
Friday March 13, 2009: 76.85.
Friday of next week: 79.71

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