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Monday, April 26, 2010

qqqq trading system - qqqq trading signals- April 21, 2010

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qqqq trading system - qqqq trading signals- April 21, 2010

The stock market analysis presented in the April 15, 2010 report is still valid and it has been vindicated by the market since then. If you are a member, read your emails to locate that report's URL. If you are not a member yet, please signup to receive your report immediately.

Today is April 21, 2010. Time is 2:00PM. QQQQs are now at 50.02. The internal models indicate that we can start shorting the QQQQ EFT. It also indicates that sellers for today are currently only 11 cents away from current price. Since QQQQ may not reach the sellers area, and since the area is close enough to where the QQQQs are currently, a sensible qqqq trading strategy is to scale in.

Our current market reading is that the stock market is in a process to position itself for a slide tomorrow Thursday. Thursdays can be bloody days for the stock market. Of course the slide may start even later today.

As we wrote in yesterday's report, there appears to be motivated buyers (probably short sellers who got trapped short selling the market too late (when the market was going down two trading days after our April 15 report). The trapped short sellers area at 49.70 and below. Notice that when prices reach 49.70, QQQQ bounces up. Over time these motivated buyers take their losses, and are removed from the buyers pool. Hence, the market might remove them by repeated visits, or by a gap down (possibly tomorrow Thursday).

If the market charges down later today, it would be able to remove our very motivated buyers. That area would become a resistance to price since the motivated buyers at that level would become losers- and pain from losses is a reliable source of motivated market sellers (and buyers in the opposite case).

There is another crowd of potential buyers who actually rely on the open price of the QQQQ. Today the QQQQs opened at 50.09. For such people 50.09 becomes a reference of value, and they engage in buying retreats with the thinking that QQQQs will go back again to the price of 50.09 and higher (the higher might become a problem later today). Such buyers might be further encouraged by news such as today's Apple aapl stock earning news. (As side note: In relation to AAPL Stock, our models issued a level above which the stock would not go. It would be interesting to compare what the models say to what the action will be in the next few days. If readers are interested to know what the price level issued by the models for AAPL Apple stock, write that in the comments section below.)

If QQQQs roll down with the rest of the stock market, then the crowd of buyers at 49.70 area, would serve the new short sellers in two ways. If these buyers take their losses soon after the area of 49.70 is broken, it means they would sell which fuels the move down of the QQQQs. If they do not take their losses fast enough and stay, they become motivated sellers when price goes back to their entry area.

Therefore qqqq trading strategies that work include insights of what/where/when of what others are doing/would do and why. If it can identify loser price areas and losers intentions, one can takes the other side of these losers.

2:36PM: QQQQ are now in the upper 49.70s range. Let us see if the motivated buyers will step in. It would be a good thing for the short side if they do, because we would have the trapped short sellers out of the way for the market to move lower, and the market would also get future motivated sellers born out of motivated buyers.

3:47PM: QQQQ is at 50.09, which is the open price of today. Models tell us to fade the buyers by going short between 50.09 and the next 5 cents. According to models, a price of 50.05 and below is more reasonable as a QQQQ price for later today.

3:51PM: QQQQs are at 50.04. The models are right on the latest signal, the market is still move down.

4:21PM: we are now in after hours session. QQQQs are trading at 49.80. Buyers who did not cover now have their feet feeling some unpleasant heat.

4:33PM: QQQQ at 49.73 (only one cent higher than today's low in regular hours trading session). The bears are knocking at the door of the bulls!

Please re-read what was written in this post, with a chart next to you. It might help you better analyze pain (of others) in the stock market with an eye to profit from it.

April 22, 2010:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the discussion, and for the April 15 report. They have been very helpful. I am now not surprised by the fall of the market this morning. Keep it up.

April 22, 2010 at 10:35 AM  
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April 23, 2010 at 11:08 PM  

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