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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stock trading, the stock market, and what some stock traders say

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Stock trading, the stock market, and what some stock traders say/do:

A motto of short term traders in general and day traders in particular is to follow the market, and to buy the strong stocks if the market is rising, and to sell short weak stocks if market is declining.

Books and stock trading mentors like to the repeat the above, thousands of times. There is however a problem in that statement: it is incomplete. How would one know if the stock market is rising before it happens, and how would one find the strongest stocks? We will discuss these items further.

Let's us however discuss the stock stocks and weak stocks part. On April 26, 2010, there was a stock market selloffs. It is our believe that if some stocks held up when the overall market was rising, then maybe focusing on trading these stocks on the long side when the market is rising might help those in search of a trading edge.

Below is a list of stocks that went up during the selloff. Is it a sign of strength? We shall see what these stocks will do when the market rises the next time.

The last two numbers in list below are the market Cap and the percent Change (%). There are a lot of low micro caps in the list. So a first problem might be liquidity among other risks.

India Globalization Capital, Inc IGC.UN 28.11M 81.48
Media Sciences International MSII 8.38M 74.75
India Globalization Capital, Inc. IGC 26.44M 58.91
Atlantic BancGroup, Inc. ATBC 7.81M 47.29
Bank of Granite Corporation GRAN 40.03M 27.59
NexMed, Inc. NEXM 64.06M 26.20
Magyar Bancorp, Inc. MGYR 28.26M 25.48
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. Bear Market Strategic Accelerated Redemption Securities - S&P Retail Sector ETF BYG 3.00M 22.00
China Infrastructure Investment Corp CIIC 173.60M 21.91
Bank of America Corporation Bear Market Strategic Accelerated Redemption Securities (STARS) Linked to the iShares Dow Jones US Real Estate Index Fund (IYR) SHK 3.10M 21.88
Aspyra Inc. APYI 1.03M 20.00
Broadway Financial Corporation BYFC 8.91M 19.95
Pacific Capital Bancorp PCBC 192.65M 18.73
Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. MSPD 309.28M 17.87
American Electric Technologies, Inc. AETI 25.08M 17.81
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SNSS 66.68M 17.35
DSW Inc. DSW 1.41B 16.27
Cirrus Logic, Inc. CRUS 789.59M 16.07
Aware, Inc. AWRE 53.60M 15.45
Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Floating Rate Fund JFP 34.66M 14.75
PositiveID Corporation PSID 34.09M 14.73
CPEX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CPEX 61.56M 13.04
Winner Medical Group, Inc WWIN 141.56M 13.04
Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI 17.77M 12.86
PAB Bankshares, Inc. PABK 42.76M 12.73
Dirn Daily Latin Arica Bear 3x Shs ETF LHB 5.54M 12.65
Carolina Trust Bank CART 8.92M 12.58
Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. ZN 126.18M 12.17
Direxion Daily Dpd Mkts Bear 3x Shs(ETF) DPK 8.67M 11.66
QCR Holdings, Inc. QCRH 54.72M 11.59

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