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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stock Market and Stock Trading and Stock Investing Specialities

Latest new post for members only issued on April 23, 2010. Fill signup form below to access it instantly.

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In the stock market, it is not unusual to find stock investors and stock traders that specialize in certain areas in the stock markets, such as value stocks, growth stock, penny stocks, etf stocks, closed end funds, etc.

There is a class of stock traders who specialize is hard to borrow stocks, presumably for the aim of trading them on the short side of the stock market.

Some traders may not be aware of the rates that brokers may charge on certain stocks. This may arise for instance if the demand for the stock to borrow is higher. Some of these stocks are penny stocks, and other low priced stocks.

Investors who hold these stocks may not be aware the their stock broker lend their shares to other short sellers, and they may not be compensated for it.

Below is a list of 500 stocks or other securities for which short sellers may currently pay a high rate to short the stock or the security if it is not a stock.

STSA USD Sterling Financial Corp-WA
FTBK USD Frontier Financial Corp
CPF USD Central Pacific Financial Corp
HMPR USD Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc
GMXR PR USD GMX Resources Inc
MIPI USD Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals Inc
IFLG USD InfoLogix Inc
RPC USD Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp
DTN USD WisdomTree Dividend Top 100 Fund
ABCW USD Anchor Bancorp Wisconsin Inc
CGA USD China Green Agriculture Inc
PABK USD PAB Bankshares Inc
ABK USD Ambac Financial Group Inc
TSTC USD Telestone Technologies Corp
WHCI USD W Holding Co Inc
AWSL USD Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc
NXE USD Nuveen Arizona Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 3
TYN USD Tortoise North American Energy Corp
TYG USD Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp
ZN USD Zion Oil & Gas Inc
CTIC USD Cell Therapeutics Inc
BSDM USD BSD Medical Corp
CTBK USD City Bank-Lynnwood WA
PPW PR USD Pacificorp
AKT USD Ambac Financial Group Inc
CHBT USD China-Biotics Inc
MVIS USD Microvision Inc
RINO USD RINO International Corp
SERV USD Servidyne Inc
HEV USD Ener1 Inc
HLCS USD Helicos BioSciences Corp
VKQ USD Invesco Van Kampen Municipal T
CBC USD Capitol Bancorp Ltd
DSTI USD DayStar Technologies Inc
MCBC USD Macatawa Bank Corp
CWLZ USD Cowlitz Bancorp
MFV USD MFS Special Value Trust
IBNK USD Integra Bank Corp
NNB USD Nuveen Virginia Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 2
DQUEK USD Duquesne Light Co
NMP USD Nuveen Michigan Premium Income Fund
NKL USD Nuveen Insured California Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund
ARTX USD Arotech Corp
HDY USD Hyperdynamics Corp
NXC USD Nuveen California Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio
C PRQ USD Citigroup Capital XI
APX USD BlackRock Apex Municipal Fund Inc
IMT USD Invesco Insured Municipal Trus
DEX USD Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend And Income Fund
EFR USD Eaton Vance Senior Floating-Rate Trust
CACB USD Cascade Bancorp
FCM USD First Trust-Four Corners Senior Floating Rate Income Fund
FMN USD Federated Premier Municipal Income Fund
HOKU USD Hoku Corp
HTD USD John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Dividend Income Fund
CALL USD Vocaltec Communications Ltd
COIN USD Converted Organics Inc
GAP USD Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co
BOFL USD Bank of Florida Corp
NPC USD Nuveen Insured California Premium Income Municipal Fund
FOF USD Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund Inc
OSBC USD Old Second Bancorp Inc
NOVSP USD Novastar Financial Inc
MHI USD Pioneer Municipal High Income Trust
ASTI USD Ascent Solar Technologies Inc
AWBC USD AmericanWest Bancorp
MRNA USD Marina Biotech Inc
CCHJW USD Charter Communications Inc
FLC USD Flaherty & Crumrine-Claymore Total Return Fund Inc
WEMU USD Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing USA Inc
AUBN USD Auburn National Bancorporation Inc
VYOG USD Voyager Oil & Gas Inc
VFL USD Delaware Investments National Municipal Income Fund
AGC USD Advent Claymore Global Convertible Securities & Income Fund
NXR USD Nuveen Select Tax Free 3
ESPH USD Ecosphere Technologies Inc
NII USD Nuveen North Carolina Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 3
ZB PRB USD Zions Capital Trust B
RBCN USD Rubicon Technology Inc
TGIC USD Triad Guaranty Inc
BKBK USD Britton & Koontz Capital Corp
OREX USD Orexigen Therapeutics Inc
FNBN USD FNB United Corp
BYM USD BlackRock Insured Municipal Income Trust
JTD USD Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth Fund
BKUNQ USD BankUnited Financial Corp
FSNM USD First State Bancorporation-NM
HPF USD John Hancock Preferred Income Fund II
HUTC USD HUGHES Telematics Inc
SPCHB USD Sport Chalet Inc
JHI USD John Hancock Investors Trust
ARNA USD Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc
CUO USD Continental Materials Corp
SGAPY USD Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
PRWP USD Pro-Pharmaceuticals Inc
CAGC USD China Agritech Inc
DARA USD DARA Biosciences Inc
CHNR USD China Natural Resources Inc
ACUR USD Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc
EUBK USD EuroBancshares Inc
CHLN USD China Housing & Land Development Inc
SNSS USD Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc
ASFN USD Atlantic Southern Financial Group Inc
C PRR USD Citigroup Capital X
MWO USD Morgan Stanley Capital Trust V
DDR PRI USD Developers Diversified Realty Corp
GWF USD Wells Fargo Capital VIII
GETA USD Genta Inc
SUF USD Sulphco Inc
UBFO USD United Security Bancshares-Fresno CA
GCBC USD Greene County Bancorp Inc
CXM USD Cardium Therapeutics Inc
VHC USD VirnetX Holding Corp
JLS USD Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund
NPM USD Nuveen Premium Income Municipal Fund 2
CIGX USD Star Scientific Inc
MSF USD Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Fund Inc
ROYL USD Royale Energy Inc
CAF USD Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund Inc
CLM USD Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc
PNBC USD Princeton National Bancorp Inc
OHBIQ USD Orleans Homebuilders Inc
FTK USD Flotek Industries Inc
ENTN USD Entorian Technologies Inc
PCBS USD Provident Community Bancshares Inc
RDMX USD RMX Holdings Inc
CPCF USD CPC of America Inc
NXM USD Nuveen Pennsylvania Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund
BTIM USD Biotime Inc
UNIS USD Unilife Corp
NQN USD Nuveen New York Investment Quality Municipal Fund
JRS USD Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund
PZG USD Paramount Gold and Silver Corp
FGF USD SunAmerica Focused Alpha Growth Fund
CPSL USD China Precision Steel Inc
URZ USD Uranerz Energy Corp
MAV USD Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Trust
LIT USD Global X Lithium ETF
SNT USD Senesco Technologies Inc
FMCCJ USD Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp
SHLD USD Sears Holdings Corp
PVCT USD Provectus Pharmaceuticals Inc
HAUP USD Hauppauge Digital Inc
MELA USD Electro-Optical Sciences Inc
AMOK USD Amarok Resources Inc
GUT USD Gabelli Utility Trust
TIV USD Tri-Valley Corp
MVGRQ USD Movie Gallery Inc
ISRL USD Isramco Inc
FAM USD First Trust Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income Fund
ABPIQ USD Accentia Biopharmaceuticals Inc
NNVC USD NanoViricides Inc
PEIX USD Pacific Ethanol Inc
FTLK USD Funtalk China Holdings Ltd
JTA USD Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Return Strategy Fund
NSH USD NuStar GP Holdings LLC
NOVS USD Novastar Financial Inc
GGR USD GeoGlobal Resources Inc
IRR USD ING Risk Managed Natural Resources Fund
ATPG USD ATP Oil & Gas Corp-United States
PCF USD Putnam High Income Securities Fund
KFFB USD Kentucky First Federal Bancorp
ADMP USD Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp
PIJ USD PreferredPlus TR-CCR1
WGAT USD Worldgate Communications
ZOOM USD Zoom Technologies Inc
HSWI USD HSW International Inc
JERT USD JER Investors Trust Inc
GRNB USD Green Bankshares Inc
TNGL USD Tonogold Resources Inc
VECO USD Veeco Instruments Inc
IMGG USD Imaging3 Inc
SGS USD Stream Global Services Inc
LTUM USD Lithium Corp
USBI USD United Security Bancshares-Thomasville AL
IPL PRC USD Interstate Power & Light Co
RPTP USD Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp
VRNM USD Verenium Corp
IDE USD ING Infrastructure Industrials and Materials Fund
GORO USD Gold Resource Corp
ENCO USD Encorium Group Inc
SILA USD Gold American Mining Corp
TIBB USD TIB Financial Corp
CIIC USD China Infrastructure Investment Corp
CTDC USD China Technology Development Group Corp
FNMAS USD Federal National Mortgage Association
TAIT USD Taitron Components Inc
RCON USD Recon Technology Ltd
FMCKI USD Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp
ICB USD Morgan Stanley Income Securities Inc
PFED USD Park Bancorp Inc
HSA USD Helios Strategic Income Fund Inc
PCN USD PIMCO Corporate Income Fund
WIRX USD Wireless Xcessories Group
IPAH USD Interpharm Holdings Inc
EPCT USD EpiCept Corp
BLOKA USD Blockbuster Inc
CTNI USD Citron Inc
CWFNF USD Canadian World Fund Ltd
WAMKQ USD Washington Mutual Inc
CFSG USD China Fire & Security Group Inc
PSA PRA USD Public Storage
FUND USD Royce Focus Trust Inc
PEO USD Petroleum & Resources Corp
FREE USD FreeSeas Inc
FEO USD First Trust Aberdeen Emerging Opportunity Fund
NEA USD Nuveen Insured Tax-Free Advantage Municipal Fund
CHNG USD China Natural Gas Inc
RNN USD Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc
OPXA USD Opexa Therapeutics Inc
NSL USD Nuveen Senior Income Fund
TOWN USD TowneBank-Portsmouth VA
NQS USD Nuveen Select Quality Municipal Fund
EVY USD Eaton Vance New York Municipal Income Trust
FFEDQ USD FirstFed Financial Corp
BKYF USD Bank of Kentucky Financial Corp
CKNWF USD Cell Kinetics Ltd
ETAK USD Elephant Talk Communications Inc
BBX USD BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc
APRI USD Apricus Biosciences Inc
WHX USD Whiting USA Trust I
PSA PRL USD Public Storage
WAVX USD Wave Systems Corp
STRA USD Strayer Education Inc
GSI USD General Steel Holdings Inc
REE USD Rare Element Resources Ltd
CHW USD Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund
PGP USD PIMCO Global StocksPLUS & Income Fund
PFD USD Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Fund Inc
KW USD Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc
SNSR USD Sanswire Corp
SSE USD Southern Connecticut Bancorp Inc
KNO USD Corts Trust for SunAmerica
FRA USD BlackRock Floating Rate Income Strategies Fund Inc
AENY USD Trend Technology Corp
FMCCP USD Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp
GLU USD Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust
CBAK USD China BAK Battery Inc
PUK PR USD Prudential PLC
SOMX USD Somaxon Pharmaceuticals Inc
ESLR USD Evergreen Solar Inc
PFO USD Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund
CSP USD American Strategic Income Portfolio III
GFGFQ USD Guaranty Financial Group Inc
CFFN USD Capitol Federal Financial
VBTC USD VuBotics Inc
PARD USD Poniard Pharmaceuticals Inc
EMMSP USD Emmis Communications Corp
FNSC USD First National Bancshares Inc-SC
GLOW USD Glowpoint Inc
MBR USD Mercantile Bancorp-IL
CADX USD Cadence Pharmaceuticals Inc
BPURQ USD Biopure Corp
VNO PRG USD Vornado Realty Trust
WB PRC USD Wachovia Capital Trust IX
MUI USD BlackRock Muni Intermediate Duration Fund Inc
MUE USD BlackRock MuniHoldings Insured Fund II Inc
APPY USD AspenBio Pharma Inc
PRWT USD Premierwest Bancorp
NGAS USD NGAS Resources Inc
TKOI USD Telkonet Inc
JHP USD Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund III
LTS USD Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc
NGSX USD NeurogesX Inc
FRGB USD First Regional Bancorp-Los Angeles CA
SCHX USD Schwab US Large-Cap ETF
MILL USD Miller Petroleum Inc
INB USD Cohen & Steers Global Income Builder Inc
CIWT USD China Industrial Waste Management Inc
TEAR USD TearLab Corp
JZV USD Corporate-Backed Trust Certificates
KTH USD Corts Trust for PECO Energy Capital Trust III
INCT USD Innocent Inc
SNDA USD Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd
GIM USD Templeton Global Income Fund-United States
MISVF USD Minco Silver Corp
TF USD Thai Capital Fund Inc-The
ANX USD ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals Inc
CONN USD Conn's Inc
SEP USD Spectra Energy Partners LP
CYCC USD Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc
FSYS USD Fuel Systems Solutions Inc
PHK USD PIMCO High Income Fund
BGT USD BlackRock Floating Rate Income
PETS USD PetMed Express Inc
DVINQ USD Divine Inc
ERC USD Evergreen Multi-Sector Income Fund
DOM USD Dominion Resources Black Warrior
NKR USD Nuveen Arizona Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 2
VIA USD Viacom Inc
FMO USD Fiduciary-Claymore MLP Opportunity Fund
MTR USD Mesa Royalty Trust
ORH PRACL USD Odyssey Re Holdings Corp
CAFI USD Camco Financial Corp
COF PRB USD Capital One Capital II
RLH PRA USD Red Lion Hotels Capital Trust
STI PRZ USD SunTrust Capital IX
KTN USD CORTS Trust for Aon Capital
BAYN USD Bay National Corp
CHNWF USD China Networks International Holdings Ltd
ED PRA USD Consolidated Edison Co of New York Inc
GSC USD GS Connect S&P GSCI Enhanced Commodity Total Return Strategy Index ETN
ILIU USD Interleukin Genetics Inc
JZL USD Corporate-Backed Trust Certificates
MTT USD Western Asset Municipal Defined Opportunity Trust Inc
PL PRA USD PLC Capital Trust IV
PLP USD Protective Life Corp
PNC PRL USD PNC Financial Services Group Inc
VRTA USD Vestin Realty Mortgage I Inc
OFC PRJ USD Corporate Office Properties Trust SBI MD
ACPPQ USD Anthracite Capital Inc
ALF USD Alabama Power Co
HOMS USD Homeland Security Capital Corp
LEHMN USD Opta Lehman Brothers Commodity Index Pure Beta Total Return ETN
PYG USD PreferredPlus TR-CCR1
JZC USD Corporate-Backed Trust Certificates
TDI USD Telephone & Data Systems Inc
NGBF USD New Generation Biofuels Holdings Inc
BEAC USD Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group Inc
CGO USD Calamos Global Total Return Fund
CWBC USD Community West Bancshares
RCKGF USD Rockgate Capital Corp
SKRUF USD Scottish Re Group Ltd
WRSPQ USD WorldSpace Inc
XTLBY USD XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd
GYA USD CABCO Trust for Goldman Sachs
CUR USD Neuralstem Inc
BDGE USD Bridge Bancorp Inc
PLNLF USD Platmin Ltd
ALTI USD Altair Nanotechnologies Inc
MVF USD BlackRock MuniVest Fund Inc
CT USD Capital Trust Inc-NY
CXZ USD Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp
SFI PRI USD iStar Financial Inc
RJZ USD ELEMENTS Linked to the Rogers International Commodity Index - Metals Tot Return
GYB USD CABCO Trust for BellSouth Debentures
RZ USD Raser Technologies Inc
IAF USD Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund Inc
XKO USD Corporate-Backed Trust Certificates
LFL USD Lan Airlines SA
ABA USD Alabama Power Co
KHI USD DWS High Income Trust
WCO USD Wells Fargo Capital XIV
AUTC USD AutoChina International Ltd
FEED USD AgFeed Industries Inc
AFLB USD A5 Laboratories Inc
AKF USD Ambac Financial Group Inc
AFCB USD Athens Bancshares Corp
ENA USD Enova Systems Inc
SYCRF USD Syncora Holdings Ltd
PBIP USD Prudential Bancorp Inc of Pennsylvania
ONTY USD Oncothyreon Inc
TCCO USD Technical Communications Corp
CNIT USD China Information Technology Inc
VLNC USD Valence Technology Inc
EDD USD Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund Inc
CYDE USD CyberDefender Corp
AXN USD Aoxing Pharmaceutical Co Inc
JPM PRX USD JP Morgan Chase Capital XII
CAAS USD China Automotive Systems Inc
MHY USD Western Asset Managed High Income Fund Inc
CRF USD Cornerstone Total Return Fund Inc
ZSL USD ProShares UltraShort Silver
LWLG USD Lightwave Logic Inc
PKJ USD PreferredPlus TR-CCR1
FMFC USD First M&F Corp
ABIO USD ARCA Biopharma Inc
CET USD Central Securities Corp
JCE USD Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund
FDI USD Fort Dearborn Income Securities Inc
NWBO USD Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc
ISCO USD International Stem Cell Corp
RXII USD RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp
ADY USD American Dairy Inc
VLT USD Invesco Van Kampen High Income
PBEC USD Pacific Blue Energy Corp
TSLA USD Tesla Motors Inc
BNA USD BlackRock Income Opportunity Trust Inc
SCON USD Superconductor Technologies Inc
CALI USD China Auto Logistics Inc
CBAN USD Colony Bankcorp Inc
GNBT USD Generex Biotechnology Corp
ORZCF USD Orezone Gold Corp
KSM USD DWS Strategic Municipal Income Trust
AIV PRV USD Apartment Investment & Management Co
PYN USD PIMCO New York Municipal Income Fund III
VKL USD Invesco Van Kampen Select Sect
ONCY USD Oncolytics Biotech Inc
NBS USD Neostem Inc
BKS USD Barnes & Noble Inc
EMIS USD Emisphere Technologies Inc
CAEI USD China Architectural Engineering Inc
ELRNF USD Elron Electronic Industries
SGGH USD Signature Group Holdings Inc
FUNC USD First United Corp
WWPW USD Wind Works Power Corp
FSBK USD First South Bancorp Inc-Washington NC
BDF USD Rivus Bond Fund
OCLS USD Oculus Innovative Sciences Inc
CXDC USD China XD Plastics Co Ltd
AOLS USD Aeolus Pharmaceuticals Inc
DGLY USD Digital Ally Inc
HOV USD Hovnanian Enterprises Inc
ANTS USD ANTs software inc
MTLQQ USD Motors Liquidation Co
ATHN USD athenahealth Inc
PNBK USD Patriot National Bancorp Inc
PTEK USD PokerTek Inc
YRCW USD YRC Worldwide Inc
DGF USD Delaware Investments Global Dividend and Income Fund Inc
CASB USD Cascade Financial Corp
SPDE USD Speedus Corp
LJPC USD La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co
GABC USD German American Bancorp Inc
CNYD USD China Yida Holding Co
GPRLF USD Great Panther Silver Ltd
HCN PRD USD Health Care REIT Inc
JPM PRW USD JP Morgan Chase Capital XXIV
XTEX USD Crosstex Energy LP
MGH USD Minco Gold Corp
PHF USD Pacholder High Yield Fund Inc
CFFI USD C&F Financial Corp
EOS USD Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund II
SNIC USD Sonic Solutions Inc
PFL USD PIMCO Income Strategy Fund
RMTI USD Rockwell Medical Technologies Inc
BMRC USD Bank of Marin Bancorp
NKG USD Nuveen Georgia Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 2
JPM PRS USD JP Morgan Chase Capital XIX
NCC PRB USD National City Capital Trust III
GAB USD Gabelli Equity Trust Inc
NAI USD Nicholas-Applegate International & Premium Strategy Fund
MSY USD Morgan Stanley High Yield Fund Inc
UTG USD Reaves Utility Income Fund
REFR USD Research Frontiers Inc
WB PRD USD Wachovia Capital Trust X
BQR USD BlackRock EcoSolutions Investment Trust
SBW USD Western Asset Worldwide Income Fund Inc
QTWW USD Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc
TAN USD Claymore-MAC Global Solar Energy Index ETF
LULU USD Lululemon Athletica Inc
OPOF USD Old Point Financial Corp
GRR USD Asia Tigers Fund Inc
CERP USD Cereplast Inc
BPAX USD Biosante Pharmaceuticals Inc
ONP USD Orient Paper Inc
CALX USD Calix Inc
BTFG USD BancTrust Financial Group Inc
PRIM USD Primoris Services Corp
CLSN USD Celsion Corp
UEC USD Uranium Energy Corp
GAJ USD Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co
TAYC USD Taylor Capital Group Inc
KERX USD Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc
BIOD USD Biodel Inc
CNLG USD Conolog Corp
FR PRK USD First Industrial Realty Trust Inc
PSY USD BlackRock Credit Allocation Income Trust II Inc
FNMA USD Federal National Mortgage Association
ACG USD AllianceBernstein Income Fund
YUII USD Yuhe International Inc
DNP USD DNP Select Income Fund Inc
NXTH USD NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc
PLM USD Polymet Mining Corp
DNBF USD DNB Financial Corp
GNRG USD Gateway Energy Corp
NEV USD Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund
ORMP USD Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc
TPZ USD Tortoise Power and Energy Income Co
LEO USD Dreyfus Strategic Municipals Inc
ETF USD Aberdeen Emerging Markets Tele
RCG USD RENN Global Entrepreneurs Fund
RIF USD RMR Real Estate Income Fund
EXM USD Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd
BHS USD Brookfield Homes Corp
CHCI USD Comstock Homebuilding Cos Inc
SUPR USD Superior Bancorp
NTWK USD NetSol Technologies Inc
ADVC USD Advant-E Corp
BBCZ USD Bodisen Biotech Inc
CHZS USD Computer Horizons Corp
GIA USD Gulfstream International Group Inc
HYGS USD Hydrogenics Corp
IPCI USD IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc-CA
MGON USD Megola Inc
MMTIF USD Micromem Technologies Inc
IKL USD Bank of America Corp
KFED USD K-Fed Bancorp
CTCH USD Commtouch Software Ltd
BIXZF USD Bio-Extraction Inc
MAIN USD Main Street Capital Corp
VNO PRH USD Vornado Realty Trust
MNOV USD MediciNova Inc
DRP USD DWS RREEF World Real Estate & Tactical Strategies Fund Inc
C PRP USD Citigroup Inc
NVAX USD Novavax Inc
ZANE USD Zanett Inc
AWNE USD Americas Wind Energy Corp
LNC PRG USD Lincoln National Corp
IQM USD Invesco Quality Municipal Secu
PFSW USD Pfsweb Inc
IMH USD IMPAC Mortgage Holdings Inc
LPTH USD Lightpath Technologies Inc
EVF USD Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust
JGBO USD Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals Inc
MNKD USD MannKind Corp
DHFT USD Diamond Hill Financial Trends Fund Inc
CREG USD China Recycling Energy Corp
LTON USD Linktone Ltd
CHOP USD China Gerui Advanced Materials Group Ltd
CNVR USD Convera Corp
TALN USD Talon International Inc
CWBS USD Commonwealth Bankshares-Va
GGN PRA USD Gabelli Global Gold Natural Resources & Income Trust
BYVVF USD Bayfield Ventures Corp
CRGEE USD Clenergen Corp
MER PRK USD Merrill Lynch Capital Trust I
CEM USD ClearBridge Energy MLP Fund Inc
CIZN USD Citizens Holding Co
LLEN USD L&L Energy Inc
GRU USD ELEMENTS Linked to the MLCX Grains Index Total Return
GRZ USD Gold Reserve Inc
RWX USD SPDR Dow Jones International Real Estate ETF
SFI PRG USD iStar Financial Inc
GRMC USD Little Squaw Gold Mining Co
KOL USD Market Vectors - Coal ETF
AEZS USD AEterna Zentaris Inc
MECAQ USD Magna Entertainment Corp
CETV USD Central European Media Enterprises Ltd
GED USD General Electric Capital Corp
OIB USD Invesco Municipal Income Oppor
TMF USD Direxion Daily 20 Year Plus Tr
LDK USD LDK Solar Co Ltd
CLNE USD Clean Energy Fuels Corp
SYNA USD Synaptics Inc
BPL USD Buckeye Partners LP
ECF USD Ellsworth Fund Ltd
HEB USD Hemispherx Biopharma Inc
CIU USD iShares Barclays Intermediate Credit Bond Fund
KGJI USD Kingold Jewelry Inc
INO USD Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc
YONG USD Yongye International Inc
BML PRN USD Bank of America Corp
EWP USD iShares MSCI Spain Index Fund
COCO USD Corinthian Colleges Inc
HSKA USD Heska Corp
TSEM USD Tower Semiconductor Ltd
NEXS USD Nexxus Lighting Inc
ARE PRC USD Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc
IAUFF USD Intrepid Mines Ltd
NWI USD Nuveen Maryland Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 3
SFI PRF USD iStar Financial Inc
IQI USD Invesco Quality Municipal Inco
AFYG USD Affinity Gold Corp
BVII USD Broadview Institute Inc
BWN USD Morgan Stanley
BYCX USD Bayou City Exploration Inc
CHGS USD China GengSheng Minerals Inc
CHGY USD China Energy Corp
FBP PRA USD First BanCorp-Puerto Rico
GCTAY USD Gamesa Corp Tecnologica SA

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